Tishomingo: “Historic Past, Dynamic Future


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The month of April has been designated as Trash Clean-up for Tishomingo.
 You can pick up trash bags at Tishomingo City Hall.
Contact Rex Morrell @ 
580-371-3358  email: rexmorrel@mac.com or Jack
Yates @ 
580-371-5677 email: jack@tishomingo.com
for more information and areas designated to pick up.


Key Activities…

 Collaboration among existing groups

 Johnston County Youth Leadership

 Oklahoma Pride

 Alfalfa Bill Bike Ride

 Annual Kids- for -Kids Fall Festival

 Beautification Initiative of Main Street

 Promotion of the Industrial Business Park

 Leadership Johnston County

Chikashsha Garden Main Street

Business Involvement -Children & Youth Leadership- Community Image – Go Green-Health & Wellness- Leadership Johnston County- Community Promotion

To improve communication and collaboration among city partners.
To develop and implement a comprehensive and consistent process of planning and review which addresses all aspects of community life.
To inspire and maintain a sense of civic pride and responsibility by working to
improve our city’s image.
To develop an aggressive and diverse program of public relations and promotions which will market community attractions and events to residents and tourists.
To actively recruit and develop opportunities for volunteers, including children and
youth, and to provide opportunities that will inspire a tradition of leadership in community service.

Tishomingo Development Team
P.O. Box 923
Tishomingo, OK 73460
Phone: 580-371-9551
Phone: 580-371-9551